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Total-Nutrition Program, Capsules

An advanced, high quality supplement to support you and maintain overall wellness.
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We Have The Answer

Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System ® insures assimilation at a cellular level. This helps to activate all ingredients and enhances bioavailability.

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New and Improved

With an outstanding 17 digestive enzymes and probiotics for optimal health. All Organic, Kosher and Natural Vitamin B's and with fruit and natural extracts.   Buy Now>>69.99

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Albion Gold Medallion 

This product is an Albion Gold Medallion award winner for outstanding mineral nutrition.

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Now with 1 serving of  fruit.  

A fruit blend of grape seed extract, wild blueberry extract, raspberry, cranberry, prune, tart cherry, wild bilberry extract and strawberry.

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Healthy gut function.

Digestive enzymes, probiotics and pre-biotics are all essential for digesting and delivering the food we eat. 

So what is new in Total-Nutrition Program™ :

A Whole Food fruit blend:
In three capsules with each of your meals (total of nine capsules a day) gives you one fresh fruit serving a day. A fruit blend of grape seed extract, wild blueberry extract, raspberry, cranberry, prune, tart cherry, wild bilberry extract and strawberry.

Read this before you buy ANY vitamin..

We try everyday to try to get Chemicals and toxins out of what we are eating, drinking, and our environment. Then we think we are doing good by buying a so called all natural supplements. The conscientious consumer knows just how important it is to make safe, natural choices in today's ever more chemical world.

False Natural Claims

People need to understand the difference between vitamins that are in pill form versus vitamins that are contained within nature's foods.

Synthetic Vitamins just do not work like foods, and foods are what our bodies recognized, and designed touse for healing, prevention and energy. There is no substitute, and no matter how you look at it, vitamin pills are manufactured by scientists, so they are prone to cause side effects and are incomplete. A big red flag is if your vitamin is not their original form. Nature got it right, we just want to give it to you in a convenient capsule!

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What is the label claim game?

So why isn't all-natural whole-food vitamins used in all nutritional supplements? Primarily due to their higher cost and the challenge they present in the nutritional "label wars" game. For example, Amla and Acerola Cherry are vastly superior sources of vitamin C than ascorbic acid. But they cost 10 to 20 times more per mg.! What’s more, only small dosages are needed to fulfill the bodies needs verses the huge doses of ascorbic acid needed, and therefore they don't "compare" well on the federally regulated nutritional supplement label. Can you imagine the difficulty in convincing a novice vitamin buyer that 25 mg. of Amla is better for their body than 1000 mg.of ascorbic acid? Yet it's true. Unfortunately not many manufacturers are willing to go through the effort necessary to educate the consumer on why he or she should take all-natural whole-food supplements when they cost more, and seemingly "appear to deliver less."

Ascorbic Acid is not natural, it is chemically made in a lab. But yet manufactures can call it natural because its made from corn syrup. Do you know you can buy a five-pound tub of Ascorbic Acid for cheep and use it to clean the calcification and rust off your swimming pool? But yet, this same ascorbic acid is what is in most of the vitamins on the market.

Become a more informed consumer :

The problem is that vitamins, when not still contained in their original form (apples, oranges, broccoli, spinach etc.) are merely chemicals.

Our bodies do not recognize chemical vitamins as usable nutrients,because they don't work the same way as whole foods.
What are four differences between real food and synthetic Vitamins.

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that exists in three major chemical forms: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine.

We only use natural B's from a blend of Certified Organic Guavaand Lemon extracts. All Organic, Kosher and 100% Natural Vitamin B1, B2, B3,B5, B6, B9 along with co-nutrients. 

1) Foods contain not just vitamins, but the cofactors and helper nutrients that allow vitamins to work.

2) Foods are neve rfound in high potency, so you won't suffer any toxic side effects that have been proven to exist with all chemical vitamin pills.

3) Whole foods never deliver toxic doses [of vitamins] in its original form.

4) Vitamins are just a small part of what our bodies require for health and healing.

Not all supplements are a like.  Learn what is in your supplements:

Natural Ingredients: 
• Amla fruit.
• Holy basil
• Lemon extracts
• Chlorella
• Guava
• Multi vitamins with Organic B vitamins

• Ascorbic Acid
• Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
• Thiamine Hydrochloride
• Thiamine Mononitrate
• Niacin or Niacinamide
• Mixed tocopherols
• Pteroylglutamic Acid

Does your multi-vitamin have enzymes and probiotics?

Digestive enzymes are essential for digesting and delivering the food we eat at every meal. Without it you would not get the full benefit out of your meal and you need to digest your entire meal completely.

ProBiotics are also known as friendly flora. They build and support the immune system while aiding digestion and delivery of important food nutrients and minerals. Probiotics also support a healthy gut.

Whole food vitamins are essential and are required for good health and energy production. The complete spectrum of B vitamins from wholefood sources supports energy production and normal hormone balance. Minerals from patented amino-acid chelates promote stronger bones, healthy hair, skin and nails, and help to maintain firm muscle tone. Antioxidants (vitamins A, C,and E) from whole food sources are the most valuable free-radical fighters to help support the aging process.

This proprietary blend has been created using the latest scientific research and using only whole food nutrients, fruit and fruit extracts for our great new blend. Greens from super foods, Organic Natural B vitamins and D3, Antioxidants from whole food sources, Full spectrum 17 Digestive enzymes, Pro-Biotics also known as Friendly flora, and Pre-biotic.

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