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The Total-Nutrition Program™ is the most complete encapsulated 100% natural whole food multi-vitamin multi-mineral program in the world! 100% Gluten Free!

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Read this before you buy ANY vitamin..

We try everyday to try to get Chemicals and toxins out of what we are eating, drinking, and our environment. Then we think we are doing good by buying a so called all natural supplements. The conscientious consumer knows just how important it is to make safe, natural choices in today's ever more chemical world.

False Natural Claims

People need to understand the difference between vitamins that are in pill form versus vitamins that are contained within nature's foods.

Synthetic Vitamins just do not work like foods, and foods are what our bodies recognized, and designed to use for healing, prevention and energy. There is no substitute, and no matter how you look at it, vitamin pills are manufactured by scientists, so they are prone to cause side effects and are incomplete. A big red flag is if your vitamin is not their original form. Nature got it right, we just want to give it to you in a convenient capsule!


What is the label claim game?

Consumers should be skeptical about natural claims. Sifting through false claims and misleading advertising might be frustrating, the conscientious consumer knows just how important it is to make safe, natural choices in today's ever more chemical world.

So why isn't all-natural whole-food vitamins used in all nutritional supplements? Primarily due to their higher cost and the challenge they present in the nutritional "label wars" game. For example, Amla and Acerola Cherry are vastly superior sources of vitamin C than ascorbic acid. But they cost 10 to 20 times more per mg.! What’s more, only small dosages are needed to fulfill the bodies needs verses the huge doses of ascorbic acid needed, and therefore they don't "compare" well on the federally regulated nutritional supplement label. Can you imagine the difficulty in convincing a novice vitamin buyer that 25 mg. of Amla is better for their body than 1000 mg. of ascorbic acid? Yet it's true. Unfortunately not many manufacturers are willing to go through the effort necessary to educate the consumer on why he or she should take all-natural whole-food supplements when they cost more, and seemingly "appear to deliver less."

Total Nutrition Program

buy natural vitimins$197.97

100% natural whole food vitamins

Greens from super foods

Organic Natural B vitamins and D3

Antioxidants from whole food sources

Full spectrum of 17 Digestive enzymes

Pro-Biotics also known as Friendly flora

Also with Pre-biotics

That makes it only $49.49 a month

Do you know which vitamin you can trust.

John R. Taylor N.D., the author of "The Wonder Of Probiotics" the leading authority of probiotics, food supplementation and enzymes has givenTotal-Nutrition Program™ the highest ratting for quality and efficacy and truly a whole food supplement.

Total-Nutrition Program™ contains only the highest quality ingredients with the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure purity and efficacy without a high cost to you. It is completely safe, natural, and effective for optimum performance. Use code onlynatural and get a discount.


Total-Nutrition Program: Is Easy to Order

buy natural vitimins

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best multi vitamins
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